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Staff Directory

Contact Cathy Barela  Cathy Barela Dean of Students
Contact Cathy Barela  Cathy Barela Sys Admin
Contact Elizabeth Barela  Elizabeth Barela (575) 648-2346 ex: 503 Teacher 3rd Grade
Contact Kirsten Creighton  Kirsten Creighton Teacher
Contact Bryan Dooley  Bryan Dooley Sys Admin
Contact Ricky Espinoza  Ricky Espinoza (575) 648-2346 ex: 228 Superintendent & K-12th grade Principal
Contact Tamie Espinoza  Tamie Espinoza (575) 648-2346 ex: 406 Teacher 6th Grade
Contact Kellie Gallacher  Kellie Gallacher Teacher Kindergarten
Contact Allison Green-Wall  Allison Green-Wall High School English Teacher
Contact Dale Jackson  Dale Jackson Teacher 7th-12th History
Contact Brittney LaMay  Brittney LaMay Teacher 7th-12th Math
Contact Dena Odell  Dena Odell Teacher 1st Grade
Contact Katherine Pierson  Katherine Pierson Teacher 5th Grade
Contact Trampus Pierson  Trampus Pierson Principal K-12 & Athletic Director
Contact Trampus Pierson  Trampus Pierson Principal
Contact Jim Rapp  Jim Rapp Teacher
Contact Anne Serna  Anne Serna Teacher 4th Grade
Contact Kevin Sheehan  Kevin Sheehan Teacher K-12th SpEd and PE
Contact LIsa Shivers  LIsa Shivers High School Science Teacher
Contact Rowena Swinney  Rowena Swinney Teacher 2nd Grade
Contact Rhonica Toler  Rhonica Toler Teacher K-4th Reading Specialist
Contact Carol Wilson  Carol Wilson Teacher Culinary Arts & Librarian